in production / feature length

"Stonebreakers" is a documentary about the debates over monuments and the shifting landscape of memorialization in the United States. Set during the state of exception of a pandemic in a year marked by uprisings for racial justice, the film reflects broadly on the meaning of memorialization, questions the recent wave of activism around history, and explores the different ways in which Americans celebrate, challenge and actualize their past. Interviews with scholars, artists and community leaders are alternated with observational sequences filmed around some of the nation's most significant sites of memory. A prismatic journey across different regions and historical contexts, "Stonebreakers" challenges viewers to reflect on their own place in the national story and envision new modes of historical remembrance.


Valerio Ciriaci  /  Director
Isaak Liptzin  /  Producer/Cinematographer
Curtis Caesar John  /  Producer
Andrea Fumagalli  /  Editor/Co-Producer
Francesco Venturi  /  Composer
Produced by Awen Films