2013 / 20 minutes

Marcus Hook is a small refinery town close to Philadelphia. For decades the oil business was the community’s bread and butter, but in December 2011 when the Sunoco refinery shut down, the town was left on the brink of an unprecedented crisis. Renovating his house, ex-refinery worker Michael Manerchia found the remains of the plankhouse of Blackbeard’s mistress. This unexpected discovery gave Manerchia the inspiration to create a pirate festival and in this way bring business back to the town. Treasure chronicles the efforts of a community determined to survive the decline of heavy industry. The town’s future is being written as we speak, but one thing is certain: If Marcus Hook wasn’t born with the refinery, it doesn’t have to die with it either.

Produced by Awen Films

Director: Valerio Ciriaci

Producers: Valerio Ciriaci, Isaak Liptzin

Director of Photography: Isaak Liptzin

Assistant Producers: Sharon Brooks, Janna Kyllästinen

Sound Recordist: Janna Kyllästinen

Editor: Valerio Ciriaci

Original Score: Rachel Wardell

Sound Mixing: Casey Skodnek

Color Correction: Giovanni Pompetti

Titles Animator: Michael Bennett


FirstGlance Film Festival — Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival — Big Sky Documentary Film Festival — Taos Shortz Film FestMedia Film Festival — InTe Cinema Festival


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