currently in production

Finding Finntown is a feature documentary film on the history of Finns in New York, and a contemplation on immigration, identity and legacy. Meeting Finns of different generations and histories, the filmmaker journeys the city looking for clues on what it means to leave a home to build a new one, and on the relationship between longing and belonging. The groundbreaking idea of non-profit cooperative housing was introduced to the United States in the early 20th century when a group of 16 Finnish immigrant families founded the Finnish Home Building Association in New York. Their community near Sunset Park, was, at its peak, home to 25 separate cooperative housing complexes, a cooperative restaurant, bakery, pool room, meat market, grocery store, and parking garage. Through fragmented voices and stories, the film reveals a neighborhood that no longer exists, shedding light on the unique and universal themes of national identity, family, and home.

Directed by Janna Kyllästinen