2017 / 30 minutes


Sunday, Nov. 19  |  7pm  |  Pitigliani Kolno’a Festival
Casa del Cinema (Sala Kodak), Rome

“Iom Romì” chronicles a day in the life of the contemporary Jewish community of Rome, which for centuries has lived in limbo between persecution and integration. As the only cultural group in the city that can claim an uninterrupted line of descent from the times of the empire, Roman Jews have fostered rituals and traditions that are unique in the world. From dawn to dusk, through the voices of several characters living and working in the historic Ghetto quarter, “Iom Romì” tells the story of a community both fiercely independent and distinctly Roman.

Produced by Awen Films in collaboration with Centro Primo Levi

Executive Producers: Natalia Indrimi, Alessandro Cassin

Director: Valerio Ciriaci

Cinematographer: Isaak Liptzin

Editor: Giovanni Pompetti

Original Score: Francesco Venturi

Sound Design: Luigi Porto

“Iom Romì” was produced in concurrence with the opening of The Rome Lab, an exhibition and learning space in New York presented by Centro Primo Levi and the Jewish Museum of Rome. The Rome Lab, consisting of a semester-long series of presentations in the Selz Gallery at the Center for Jewish History, offers a window onto the history of the Roman Jews and the twenty-two century-long relationship between Rome and Jerusalem. For more information, visit