CPL minidocs / 2017 / 6 minutes

I Am Counting on You, on Everyone juxtaposes the letters written by Gemma Vitale Servadio before she was killed in Auschwitz with present-day images of the internment camp in Fossoli where she was temporarily detained with her mother in 1944. Now submerged by vegetation, the camp of Fossoli was the main collection point for Jews deported from all over Italy — a brief stopover before they were loaded onto convoys headed towards the death camps in Eastern Europe. Historian Carlo Spartaco Capogreco, preeminent researcher on the deportations from Fascist Italy to Nazi Germany, puts Gemma’s story in context and reflects on Italy’s unwillingness to fully come to terms with its complicity in the Holocaust.

CPL minidocs is a series of short web documentaries introducing Centro Primo Levi books.

Director: Valerio Ciriaci

Cinematographer: Isaak Liptzin

Editor: Giacomo Lampariello

Music: Luigi Porto

Opening animation: Avansguardi

Produced by Awen Films

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