CPL minidocs / 2017 / 5 minutes

In Americordo, journalist and author Gianna Pontecorboli discusses her book about Italian Jews who migrated to the United States fleeing persecution at home under Mussolini. Caught between separate worlds, these families didn’t identify with either Italian-American or American Jewish communities — yet many of them achieved remarkable academic, scientific and artistic success. Among them is Guido Calabresi, senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and former Dean of Yale Law School, who considers his outsider experience as a young refugee in wartime New York and New Haven to be the most important lesson in his formation as a judge and a scholar.

CPL minidocs is a series of short web documentaries introducing Centro Primo Levi books.

Director: Valerio Ciriaci

Cinematographer: Isaak Liptzin

Editor: Giacomo Lampariello

Music: Luigi Porto

Opening animation: Avansguardi

Produced by Awen Films

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